Key Features and Benefits of Flexihostings CDN

Pay As You Go Pricing Monthly rates with no long-term commitment let you optimize your cost/performance balance and return on technology investment. Pay only for the CDN performance you need and use.

Dedicated + Virtual + Cloud Integration Seamless integration with your dedicated, virtual, and additional CloudLayer services via Flexihostings’s leading Private Network provides a single computing environment with interoperability and efficiency found nowhere else.

Immediate Scalability Add CDN services in real time to accommodate traffic spikes or snags, gaining the level of content accessibility you need, exactly when you need it.

Ease of Use and Control Full access and control via the Flexihostings Customer Portal and API provides streamlined, simplified management of your solution and a direct connection to all Flexihostings services and tools.

Performance-Neutral Growth Spreading content delivery over multiple servers throughout the cloud ensures that increased demand for content does not slow down or compromise delivery.

Secure Content Management Secure, streamlined tools for managing content and content monetization protects digital rights and maximizes return.

Broader Geographic Reach Pushing content to nodes around the world optimizes the speed and reliability of content delivery to end users regardless of location.

Higher Quality Content and Rich-Media Web Sites Optimizing your data and content delivery allows you to offer more robust web experiences and richer content without sacrificing performance.