How easy to get Flexihostings CDN to work with your current website or server
(Our CDN service can be used with any web hosting provider and its not limited to Flexihostings clients only)

1) Determine the data / content that you want to deliver / distribute through CDN

2) Create a publicly accessible folder in your current hosting account - ie:

3) Transfer all the data for CDN distribution to this folder

4) Sign up for one of our CDN plans and inform us the URL to access this folder. It must be something that can be access from any Internet enabled computer without any password protection. You can put a blank index.html page ot hide the actual data / contact name later.

5) Once we have configured our CDN server to pull data from this location, we will advise you the CDN path / URL to access your data. The URL will look like

6) All you have to do then is to update your webpages / links to this file using the new URL we have given you.

7) When the file is accessed through our CDN path, the file will be pull from your server (original host server) to our CDN nodes around the world. The first person who access this file will experience similar speed as he/she downloading the file directly from the original host server. The second person who attempt to access the file will experience a much faster connecitivity to the file as the file is now cache / store on our edge CDN node closest to that user.

8) You may also hide the actual CDN path and use your won domain such as by adding a CNAME in your dns zone. If you prefer this option, simply email us and our CDN specialist will give you the exact instruction on how to do it.