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Frequently Asked Questions

Flexihostings Dedicated Server FAQs provides complete style guidelines and should be consulted first in all matters concerning Flexihostings Dedicated Server plan. Flexihostings offers these FAQs to help clarify frequent areas of confusion.

24/7 Professional Technical Support. We are always here to answer your questions at all times.
100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee. Flexihostings's services carries a 30 day money back guarantee unless otherwise stated.
99.95% Network Uptime Guarantee. Applies to any Flexihostings client in good financial standing with Flexihostings at the time of a service outage.


1. Are there any hidden fees with your server pricing?
No, there are no hidden fees. The server's price will remain fixed for the life of the server.

2. Do you have a 30-day money back guarantee?
No. Flexihostings already offers a service with the lowest risk possible. Spammers, DoS attackers, and anyone else intent on illegal or AUP violating activity could essentially take advantage of our resources if we had a test drive or 30 day money back guarantee program. We are no hassle hosting without long-term contracts so it's virtually no risk. Just pay for 30 days and if you don't need or want the server after 30 days, then you can simply walk away. In addition to this, unlike many other Dedicated Server Hosting Provider, you need to commit to a minimum term of at least 1 year. Flexihostings customers enjoy month to month service.

3. Do you offer any co-location services?
Yes, we do offer co-location services and custom configuration such as private LAN, load balancer, direct cross cable connection. Please email for further information about such services.

4. Do you offer a reseller program or an affiliate program for your dedicated servers?
Yes, please contact for more information.

5. Is there a sales tax or GST on orders?
Our listed price is the nett price you will pay.

6. Do you provide a backup solution?
Yes, we offer FTP backup for $1/GB. To order, email or via our 24/7 Helpdesk.

7. What are the advantages of having a control panel?
Control panels were designed to make the lives of both the server administrator and the individual users of that server simpler and more convenient. The tools they provide allow easy management of common tasks that can be mundane and time consuming.

8. Will my server have a web-based control panel?
You can order Plesk or Helm for your Windows server and Direct Admin or cPanel for your Linux server for an additional monthly fee. Our servers do not come with a free control panel by default. Our Linux servers do come with a free web-based server administration tool, Webmin, which allows control over various server functions. Webmin is not a true 'control panel' for virtual hosting, such as cPanel, Plesk or Direct Admin but will help you administer the server.

9. Do the Linux servers come with Apache, PHP and MySQL by default?
CentOS and Fedora Core servers do come with Apache, PHP, and MySQL preinstalled. The Debian servers do not because there are multiple packages for each of these programs and we want to leave that option up to the server administrator.

10. What are your default video settings on Windows servers?
This is based on the Remote Desktop protocol, which has a restricted limit. You are free to install a third-party desktop control program (such as VNC), which allows higher resolutions and color depths.

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Network and Facilities

1. Do you cap or throttle the bandwidth on my server?

2. Is there an overage rate if I exceed my allotted bandwidth?

3. Do you have any monitoring systems in place to watch for DoS/DDoS, repetitive scans, etc, on your network?
Absolutely. We do monitor the network proactively to prevent any such attacks whenever possible. Please keep in mind that no company can protect you from a DoS attack. DoS attacks are not random, so if you are the target then you will likely get hit no matter where you are hosted. We do have extended relationships with our providers to thwart such attacks at the source when possible.

4. Do you have a test server I may connect to test latency?
Pacific Internet IDC or

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1. What is the time between billing cycles?
Month to month. An invoice will be automatically generated for you 14 days before the expiry of each month service.

2. Is there an annual discount option if I prepay?
We offer 1 month free for a 6 month prepay and 2 months free for a 12 month prepay. Please contact

3. What are your payment options?
We accept Direct Deposit, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express only.

4. Do you accept PayPal?
Yes, we accept PayPal payments.

5. How do I cancel my server?
Please send your request to and kindly make sure to do this before your next billing date if you do not want to be billed again.

6. If I have a server at Flexihostings and want to migrate to a new one, do I have to pay for both at the same time?
You can place the order for your new server at least one week before your current server gets invoiced. Once you've done this, you will need to open a ticket to our billing department notifying us that you have placed your order for the new server and request the 1-week migration special. Once this has been done, we will extend the current servers billing cycle by 7 days and schedule it to go offline after the 7 days has been exhausted. This will allow you two weeks to migrate to your new server and avoid having to pay for two. Please be aware that it is the customer's responsibility to migrate the data between servers.

7. Do you prorate if I cancel before my billing date?
No. Billing is done on a monthly cycle.

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1. What/where is the AUP Policy?
The AUP document can be found at

2. Help! My Server has been suspended for an AUP violation, what do I do now?
Please send an email to with your server IP address so that we can provide a solution to get your server back online.

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1. My server is not responding. Do you offer Free Cold Reboot
Yes, simply send our support team an email and one of our engineer will walk up to your server and give it a cold reboot. Should the server do not come up after a reasonable time, our tech will further investigate your server and give you an update.

2. What is the typical turnaround time for ticket requests?
We have a 24-hour guarantee for replies submitted via the ticketing system but it is typically a far more rapid process.

3. When do I have to cancel my server if I do not wish to be billed again?
It is best that you submit your cancellation ticket 72 hours before your renewal date.

4. How long does an OS reload take?
Our guarantee is 24 hours but we average between 2-6 hours.

5. Is Flexihostings going to perform the backups for my server?
No. Performing regular backups is the responsibility of our customers and is highly recommended. You may take advantage of our FTP Backup service at only $1 per gb of data for this purpose.

6. Will Flexihostings install SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates on my server?
If you provide the SSL certificate, we are happy to install it for you via a paid support ticket.

7. Do the Windows servers come with web-based email, or just email?
Windows servers installed without a control panel at Flexihostings come with the free version of MailEnable. It does not include a web-based client, only POP and SMTP.

8. Do you do an off the disk installation of RedHat?
Our installs come with the latest security patches (which an off-the-CD install would not), insuring that the installation you get will be both up to date and secure.

9. How are security patches handled?
Every server will have all the known security patches and safe OS patches applied before you gain access to the server. Flexihostings does its very best to provide you with an initial secure installation, but it is up to you to keep the server up to date and secure following installation. CentOS and FedorCore includes an option for automated updates, which can be preconfigured to run daily. Windows server can be set to run updates on its own.

10. How does Flexihostings detect intruders (hackers)?
We utilize various forms of Network IDS and monitoring but the security of your server is the server administrator's responsibility.

11. May I run my own name servers?
Yes. While we highly recommend using our name servers, if you have a specific need, we do not prevent customers from hosting their own.

12. Does Flexihostings have name servers for its customer's use?
Yes. There is no cost to use our nameservers.

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